May 23

Lock Snapping: What And How To Prevent It


Did it ever cross your mind that burglars can break into your front door in just a few seconds? This is a reality that everyone faces every day especially if your door locks are Euro Cylinder Locks. According to locksmith Birmingham, lock snapping techniques has been improving as time goes by.This is a technique where all you have to do is break the cylinder that is at its fixing point then adjust the internal lock mechanisms. These type of locks are usually found on UPVC doors. It would be best for you and your family to consider other types of locks that are more secure.

Lock snapping has been a locksmith technique for a long time until it was introduced to the public. Euro cylinders are only held in place by one screw with a very little metal at the tip there the lock and the screw fixing hole meets. It is the reason why it is so easy to snap your Euro Cylinder Locks in half. Locksmith Birmingham suggests that you face the truth and consider changing your Euro Cylinder Locks. This is not just to waste money on new locks but to save you more in keeping your belongings safer as well as your home. There are a lot of higher quality locks that has been tested to be snap proof.

You do not have to bargain your safety with burglars just because you did not change your locks. You have to know that it may cost you a bit of money but in the long run, it saves you a whole lot more. You will never know the importance unless a burglar has already done the damage. Do not let it get to that point. Call your Locksmith Birmingham and have your locks checked!


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