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How To Choose A Deadbolt Lock


A deadbolt is a physical security standard for protecting your exterior doors in your home in Birmingham. When selecting a deadbolt to protect your business in Birmingham, there are several factors that you should consider. Need some help on installing deadbolts in your home? You can ask help from an expert locksmith Birmingham.

Single Cylinder and  Double Cylinder

Deadbolts come in both double and single cylinder models in the market today. A double cylinder deadbolt requires a key to operate the deadbolt from either side of the door. A single cylinder deadbolt can be locked or unlocked from inside by a thumb turn. Locksmith Birmingham says that the only downside of a double cylinder deadbolt is that it may prevent you from exiting quickly in case of emergency. However, the downside of single cylinder deadbolts is that it is less secure compared to double cylinder deadbolts.

UL 437

Underwriters Laboratories is another well-known organization that tests products and writes standards. The UL 437 is the standard for high-security locks accepted across the security industry. In order to pass the UL 437 test, locks must resist a variety of attacks including drilling, picking, and prying.

Proper Installation

The “strike” is the metal plate that attaches to your door jamb and receives the bolt. This should be installed using three-inch screws. Using long screws can help secure the strike to the door frame, not just the jamb. In addition, your lock should also have a reinforced strike plate with offset screw holes. The off-set holes ensure that the screws aren’t driven into the same grain of the wood. When someone is trying to kick in your door, the jamb will normally give way before the deadbolt; but the extra long screws and reinforced plate will stand up to some serious pounding.

If you like to do it yourself and you only have few doors to protect, the information in this article will help you to make a wise choice regardless of whether you purchased your locks from a locksmith or a big-box store. If, however, you require a master key system or patented key control it would be better you to spend the extra money and use the services of a professional locksmith Birmingham to get everything in tip top shape



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