April 25

Simple Tips For Your Rim Locks In Birmingham


Are rim locks really safe? Although they’re very common, rim locks alone can’t guarantee the safety of your home forever. However, the following tips may help you feel a little safer when using rim locks. You may call the help of expert locksmith Birmingham in case of a lockout situation

To understand a rim lock we will discuss with you the components so you can understand what it is. The rim is the metal box that contains the lock’s mechanism and the latches. It’s generally secured on the inner side of the door, enabling it to be unlocked from inside the home. A smaller rim fitted with a keyhole is installed on the outside.

Although rim locks are very common, rim locks cannot protect itself from a violent blow. If the impact causes the strike plate, the metal plate that’s screwed to the door to become unscrewed, the back plate will come off, thereby allowing the door to be opened.

Here are some tips on strengthening your rim locks:

  • Make use of anti-burglary bars: Locksmith Birmingham recommends to add steel anti-burglary bars. These long bars are installed around the strike plate of the rim lock and attached to the door frame.
  • Add some lock reinforcement: Reinforcements can be added to strengthen rim locks or any other type of lock. For instance, metal plates can be fitted on either side of the door, inside or out, and bolted to the door or the door frame. A double pair of reinforcements could also be installed on either side of the strike plate.
  • Consider using a triple lock: There are several levels of security for locks. Locksmith Birmingham suggests using a lock consisting of three pins that are inserted deep into the door frame, in addition to a safety armature that is screwed in from the inside and covered by a plate.
  • Avoid choosing a lock which can be easily duplicated. It is preferable to choose a lock with a patented cylinder and a protection card, or at least with a coded key, to prevent keys from being duplicated too easily. Locksmith Birmingham will ask you for your code or protection card before agreeing to make a duplicate of the original key.
  • Use solid doors. We recommend to choose exterior doors that are sufficiently thick and sturdy and that are made of multiple layers, such as wood and metal. In addition, the glazing must meet anti-burglary standards. The door frame must also be solidly constructed and should ideally be embedded in the masonry.

You should always keep in mind that these measures are primarily aimed at stopping thieves. Most standard systems for homeowners can be compromised by a very determined person. Keep in mind that your investment should be based on the level of security that is acceptable to you. Check with your locksmith Birmingham the best options you can do to secure your rim locks.


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