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How To Maintain Your Door Locks


How To Maintain Your Door Locks

Door knobs are used regularly in our everyday lives and the frequent use tends for us to overlook on how it is doing. It will not matter if you have a decent and quality door lock if you do not maintain it properly. Locksmith Birmingham says that if you believe that your door lock will be there for you forever, you better think twice. However, you can prolong their lifespan.

Here are some things to consider so you have can use the maximum lifespan of your door locks:

  • Door locks need annual lubrication. One of the most overlooked maintenance factor when it comes to door locks. Locksmith Birmingham does not recommend using petroleum based lubricants rather use graphite lubricant or Teflon lubricant for your locks. All you have to do is spray a small amount on the keyway and run your locks repeatedly so that the key will spread the lubricant inside the lock. This is such an easy task and you only have to do this at least once a year!
  • Make sure that your door is hung properly. A door that sags or bends may place a huge amount of pressure on the lock’s bolt or latch that may lead to failure and can leave you locked out!
  • You have to check your door’s strike plates and screws. Make sure that there is at least one screw securing the top hinge to the door frame but it is best to add a longer screw to prevent sagging and improve break-in resistance.
  • Make sure that deadlatches and deadbolts work correctly. Binding or broken deadlatches can be the cause of lock failure. Your deadbolt must be able to operate freely. You should not have to lift the door to operate the lock.
  • Clean your door locks but do not overdo it. Do not use an abrasive cleaner in doing this, a damp cloth can be enough.
  • Have your door lock keys duplicated because before your door lock wears out, your keys will wear out first and you will think that your door lock is not working anymore but the problem is the key.

If your door locks are showing any signs that it is about to wear off, maybe it can still be saved and used! All you have to do is call a professional locksmith Birmingham to come over and check it for you. Contact us now!



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