June 20

Rekey Your Locks: Locksmith Birmingham


Rekeying is the process of having the lock adjusted to fit with a new key. So you don’t change your locks it’s just that the locks are adjusted to fit with your keys. It sounds easy but rekeying should be done by professional locksmith Birmingham to ensure that your locks won’t be ruined in the process. Rekeying a lock is as good as having a new and improved lock, and it is a lot more cost effective than attempting to replace it. So if you need to rekey your lock, make sure that you give the trusty locksmiths here at Locksmith Birmingham a call, and we will help you rekey your locks and save money at the same time!

The process of rekeying the lock itself only takes a few minutes when an experienced locksmith in Birmingham is doing it. The only thing that could cause the rekeying process to take up anytime is the act of getting the lock out of the door. Since every lock is different, some take more time to be removed than others. Upon arrival, our trusted locksmith Birmingham will examine your lock and give you an estimated time, but rest assured you won’t be waiting too long for them to get it done.

When you move into a new home, you have no idea how many people might have had a copy of the key to your home before you moved in. In addition to this, there is always the possibility that the lock of your door is master keyed, especially if there was any recent construction done to it, or if it is a completely new home. If your lock was master keyed, it very likely means that there are additional master pins left in your lock. This increases the number of keys that can be used to open the door, while simultaneously decreasing the amount of control you have over your lock.

Rekeying your locks allows an experienced locksmith Birmingham to remove the master pins left within your locks, and it helps to increase your security by giving you sole key control. If you want to know more about rekeying your locks, do not hesitate to give us a call!



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