Birmingham Music Festivals You Must Watch Out For!

Music is one of the things that gathers people together. Main reason is because of the same music they listen to or because they plainly love music. If you are in Birmingham this coming month of May, here are some music festivals and concerts you must watch out for!

B-Side Hip-Hop Festival will be happening on May 19-21 at Hurst St, Southside, Birmingham B5 4TB, UK. The streets of Southside filled with the sights and sounds of contemporary hip-hop culture in a three-day event featuring some of the biggest names in local and international hip-hop talent.There will be dance battles, performances, Afrofuturism, live music, graff jam, workshops and lastly a finale you must watch out for!

The Vamps will be in Birmingham on May 19,2017 and they will perform in NEC, Perimeter Rd, Marston Green, Birmingham B40 1NT, UK. The production on this tour is going to be their best yet, featuring a huge stage with runways and ramps that will take the band to all parts of the arena floor.

Slam Dunk Festival will take place in North Ave, Marston Green, Birmingham B40 1NT, UK on May 27, 2017. Slam Dunk Festival is an invitation to party in the name of the alternative, a rite of passage for lovers of pop-punk and rock music, and is a key date in the festival calendar. The festival will once again ensure the Slam Dunk Festival Bank Holiday Weekend. It is the place to be to catch all your favourite bands.

Kiss will be performing at the Barclaycard Arena, King Edwards Rd, Birmingham B1 2AA, UK on May 28, 2017. KISS are one of the most iconic and influential rock acts of all time. The band have released 44 albums and sold over 100 million records worldwide. Consummate live performers, the band’s illustrious career is marked by record-breaking global tours. KISS across Europe in 2017 is not to be missed.

Do not miss these musical events in Birmingham!

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