November 21

Motion Detectors For Your Home


Locksmith Birmingham believes that home motion detectors are essential security systems that provide straightforward protection to your home. Home motion detectors actually work by triggering an alarm, turning on a light bulb or automatically dialing your local police department whenever it detects motion once the motion detector is in its active mode. There are various types of home detectors that you can choose from, ranging from the active infrared motion detectors to vibration motion detectors. Below are the various types of home motion detectors and how they work.

Ultrasonic Home Motion Detectors

Ultrasonic home motion detectors are reliable and easy to install home motion detector system. Ultrasonic home motion detectors work by emitting sound at a specific frequency. When there is movement in the area where the ultrasonic home motion detector is directed, the detector will detect a disruption on the sound frequency and will then trigger an alarm. According to locksmith Birmingham, ultrasonic home motion detectors are ideal for homes with automatic doors but can also be used in any type of doors in any area of your house.

Active Infrared Home Motion Detectors

Active Infrared home motion detectors work by emitting a low-level radiation in a specific area. When an intruder passes through the radiation field that the active motion sensor is emitting, the sensor will detect a change in the temperature of the radiation field caused by body heat. Once the active infrared home motion detector detects the temperature change in its radiation field, it will then trigger an alarm or automatically call your local police station.

Passive Infrared Home Motion Detectors

Instead of emitting a radiation field like what active infrared from home motion detectors does, passive infrared home motion detectors transmit infrared light to sense a change of temperature in its environment. Most passive infrared home motion detectors have a heat sensor and an infrared sensor that triggers an alarm whenever there is a disruption on the infrared beam or there is a change of temperature in the area where it is monitoring. Passive infrared home motion detectors are widely used by most homeowners for their reliability and cost-effectiveness.

Home Vibration Sensors

To detect an unauthorized entry into your home, home vibration sensors look for the electrical field that any object emit including the human body. When a home vibration sensor detects an electrical field increase on the area where it is installed, it automatically triggers an alarm. If it happens that you are looking to have some vibration sensors installed you can call locksmith Birmingham to do it for you give them a call.

Motion detectors is an innovation in the security and safety industry. It gives you the most accurate movement in a certain place. Especially if you are not always home, these motion detectors will tell you if ever there is a movement in your house! To know more about motion detectors, give us a call!



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